Support Services

Support Starts Here

After installation, we're still here to help you each step of the way.

Support Services

When you sign up with FTS Solutions, you can count on continual support and service. We provide online and onsite support during installation and employee training to ensure your business runs smoothly. After installation and training, we provide continued support, troubleshooting and customer service to help your software run smoothly and your business succeed.

Technical Support

We provide onsite and online technical installation support. We proactively monitor your system to ensure a smooth transition and provide continuous support. When you call FTS Solutions, you reach a live representative to assist you immediately with any question. You can be sure your question will be resolved and that your operations can run smoothly.

Data Backup

Our system secures your data and ensures you always have a backup. Data from each of your work stations is automatically backed up daily so you can retrieve your data at any time from any location.

Customer Care

Great customer care is at the heart of what we do and how we have built such a successful business. From initial contact to purchase and beyond, we can be counted on to deliver exceptional service.

System Training

Our Cygnus software is so user-friendly that learning the system is a breeze. Combine its simplicity with the step-by-step instructions from our training specialists and you will be up and running within hours.