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WIC Solutions for Retail Stores

We specialize in WIC stores, and there is no other retail management system on the market that can deliver WIC features and functionality like FTS Solution’s Cygnus WIC Retail Management System. We pride ourselves on having the largest WIC footprint of any other retail management system provider in the country. We continually develop exceptional WIC features to keep pace with regulatory changes and provide your business with more cost-effective solutions.

With our WIC features you can:

  • Show a running balance of card benefits and CVV
  • Use a WIC-only mode that disallows products not on customer’s card
  • Print non-WIC items for easy voiding
  • Handle card pullout without product rescan
  • Split payments
  • Easily void non-WIC items
  • Automate APL, HCL and claim files
  • Continue selling even during internet outage (offline WIC)

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