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Keep up with trends: easy online grocery shopping

Online Grocery Ordering

As more commerce goes online, Cygnus helps you stay ahead of your competition and implement online grocery shopping. The software is powerful and simple to use with a user-friendly website or app we can build for you. Our software helps you manage the ordering and fulfillment process from a central location and monitor data in real time.

Plus, it’s easy for customers to use — they can place orders via your website or web app. They can also adjust their orders and notify stores of their location and ETA.

Cygnus Benefits

  • Let us build an online grocery shopping website or app for your business’ needs.
  • Integrate with your current POS system.
  • Integrate multiple stores’ online grocery websites into one system (or keep them separate).

We also make the delivery and fulfillment process a breeze. Some of your customizable options include:

  • Selecting types of delivery — shipping, curbside pickup or driver delivery.
  • Setting parameters for pickup and delivery times, order cancellation time frames and necessary lead times on types of orders.
  • Setting product price reductions for specific stores or multiple stores and allowing item substitutions.
  • Enabling drivers and customers to submit their ETAs.
  • Fulfilling one order with items in multiple locations and managing it centrally.

Considering online ordering?

Contact us to learn how we can help you implement an easy online grocery ordering system and integrate it with your current POS.

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