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Cygnus Business Intelligence Software

Good business runs on good data

Detailed Data, in Real Time

FTS Solutions makes your business data available in one place, easy to view and simple to monitor in real time. Analyze your sales, set business goals and track your progress toward them.

You can change prices remotely, track sales volume and check for popular items. Detailed reports (which you can schedule to send to your email automatically) and inventory data let you make sound decisions. It’s also easy to add notes to employees and compare how multiple stores perform.

Detailed reporting lets you:

  • See which products are frequently bought together
  • Check which times or seasons certain products sell at a high volume
  • View real-time data on transactions and receipts
  • Review historical data on sales volume, types and times to predict customer demand and estimate orders

You can select from more than 100 types of detailed reports — organized by stores, dates, product types, department or other criteria you select. This allows you to analyze data, plan a business strategy and expand your business.

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