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We offer secure solutions for product, pricing, sales, inventory and ordering. The CYGNUS suite of products provides management for single or multi-store retailers.

Our solutions streamline the checkout process, simplify store management and allow you to access to data offsite. We make it simple to check inventory, look up products and create orders. You can easily plan sales, create specials and automate customer rewards programs.


FTS provides onsite and remote installation support. After installation we offer live customer service, remote support and troubleshooting – quickly.

We continuously monitor connectivity from stores, WIC file exchanges and key system KPI. Your data is safe with automatic backups every 10 minutes.

WIC Programs

If you complete WIC transactions at your store, you will want our simple software solution that lets you conduct WIC-only transactions, use multiple forms or payments and easily void non-WIC items.

Online Ordering

Join the next wave in grocery store management — offering online grocery ordering. We make it easy to create a mobile app or website to allow customers to order groceries wherever they are. Our software also helps you fulfill orders from multiple locations, manage custom bakery orders or allow substitutions.

Point-Of-Sale Solutions

The cornerstone of our solutions for grocery stores, our POS software allows you to complete transactions easily and to track transactions and analyze data. You can manage your stores remotely from any location and estimate future orders.

Our solutions are:

  • Easy to integrate or transition with your existing platform
  • Cost-effective
  • Powerful with features including offline service, remote access and
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Scalable to stores of any size or multiple stores
  • Secure with automatic backup

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